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The Latin Grammy Awards? Who Needs Them!!!

NAJM Dance Culture The Latin Grammy Awards... isn't that just enough to annoy you? Great, now Santana can win two types of Grammy's in the same year!

What is the purpose of having a separate Grammy award for an ethnic group of people? Why couldn't there just have been some additional categories added to the "regular" Grammy's to include more Latin music genres such as Salsa.. etc.? Now we have awards classified on the ethnicity of the artists, NOT their musical merits or genres? The Latin Grammy's serve no purpose other than to garner another awards show for the early Fall lineup!

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Have Latinos been scoffed at the past years Grammy's? Ricky Martin's career was launched at the Grammy's, and I do believe that Santana was last year's big sweep winner! Are Latino's no longer eligible for "standard" Grammy Awards? Am I just not getting the point? These are Latin Grammy's NOT an awards show for Latin music!

Granted, some of the most talented musicians out there are Latin. And perhaps they've been overlooked like 99.9% of the artists, writers and producers in the Dance Music world. But the Latin Grammy awards only serve to segregate ethnic populations. I don't believe they bring anyone together.

What's next? Afro American Grammy's, Euro Grammy's? I bet you'll never see a Caucasian Grammy's Awards show, although I'm sure there's a group out there that would love that!

Concentrate on making the best music you can and let that music's merit stand on its own. Grammy Awards should not be won based on one's ethnic background!

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