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NAJM Music Here are just a few of the most interesting, relevant, and useful links that we could get our hands on as they relate to dance music and its creation. From Dance Clubs listings, to CD Manufacturing, all links have to do with either artists, clubs, industry leaders, or sites that we felt could offer some assistance in artist development. We hope they serve you well. If you would like to suggest a new link, please visit our contacts page and send us a note.


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    Tune Core - Music and Video distribution (iTunes)
    Record Union - Digital Internet distributor (iTunes, Beatport)
      CD Baby - buy and sell indie music - Digital Internet distributor for Dance Music
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Dance Club Resources
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Jump on Mark's List - Florida nightclub culture news
      HotSpots Magazine - Florida's largest gay publication, 25 years strong! Gay news, & events
      GL Genre Latino - Latin dance culture
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Club Planet - Cool Site Dedicated to Club Culture
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Ministry of Sound - UK's One and Only
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Dance Music Artist & DJ Sites
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Visit NAJM on YouTube
      Nelson C - Puerto Rican's "Most Beautiful Man"
      NAJM - The face behind this site (and music)
      Sugarglider - NAJM's Interactive Artist Site!!!
      Crystal Lake - Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski, two of the currently most happening hands up Dance producers/ remixers
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Sunscreem - The Official Sunscreem Site
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Kristine W - Clubland, Land of the Living,  Stronger
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Abigail - Let The Joy Rise & If It Don't Fit UK Diva
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Amber - Sexual, This Is Your Night, Above The Clouds, Studio 54 Theme!
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Martha Wash - The Official Martha Wash Site
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   NAJM Underground - Unsigned Talent
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Pet Shop Boys - UK Techno Boys
      Jamie Lewis - Swiss Based International DJ & Remixer
      The DJ List - Worldwide DJ Directory
      DJ Ron - Nashville Based Club and Mixshow DJ Ron Slomowicz
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Artist & DJ Booking Agencies, Publicity, & Promotion - promote your music on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace with other artists
      Nene Musik Talent Agency - works with international acts such as Lasgo & Ian Van Dahl
      Superstarcastic - an entertainment promotion and marketing company with national record distribution
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   T Best Talent Agency - Huge representation of Dance Artists
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Media Services NYC - Internationally Syndicated Writer and Promotions Firm
    1Managment - Dutch DJ Agency representing leading Dutch deejays in several styles
    Coffee Artists - UK DJ Agency
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Dance Music & Studio Gear
    Dubstep Samples & Loops - Leading UK audio and dj sample site offering cutting edge dubstep samples including loops and drum beats
      Fab Filter - High-quality audio effect plug-ins and synthesizer plug-ins, available in AU, VST, VST 3, AAX, RTAS formats
      ThaLoops - Professional and unique sound libraries for Hip-hop, R&B and Pop music production
      Modern Beats - Reason Refills & modern toolz for Hip Hop Production
      Sound Effects Shop - professional sound effects libraries
      Sounds/to/Sample - The definitive download resource for music makers
      Spectrasonics - Virtual instruments inclusing Omnisphere, Trillian and Stylus
      Waves - leading developer of audio plugins for mixing, mastering, post production and live sound
      Traktor - Native Instruments DJ-Mixing
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Samplecraze - SoundFont developers for Emu/Ensoniq & LICENCE FREE sample cds
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Korg Online - Korg's corporate site!
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Roland US - Roland's Corporate Site
      Novation - Keyboard synth site
      Access - Makers of the Access Virus keyboard, modules and TDM plugin for ProTools
      Kurzweil - Keyboard manufacturer
      Alesis - makers of keyboards, midi equipment and studio gear
      Moog - innovative electronic musical instruments
      Native Instruments - Makers of Traktor, Absynth & Massive
      Waldorf - Gernman based synthesizer manufacturer
      Rob Papen - virtual synthesizers define the cutting edge of contemporary music production
      Nexus - Amazing sounding virtual instruments
      Digidesign - Home of ProTools (by Avid)
      SoundToys - Professional Effects Plugins
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   SynthZone - Electronic Music / Instruments & Store Links
      Omnirax - Professional grade Studio Furniture Solutions
      Acid Planet - Great Site for all you ACID Users
      Sony - (Formerly Sonic Foundry) makers of Acid, Sound Forge and CD Architect
      Flexi Music - music and audio-related software, with an ultimate aim of providing software in high-quality manner at a reasonable cost
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   CD & Vinyl Manufacturing & CDR and DVD Duplication
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Trutone - North American CD & Vinyl Manufacturing & Mastering
      CDROM2GO - CD duplication and CD replication services. Offering equipment, duplicators, media, labels and disc printer supplies
      DVD Duplication - provided cutting edge DVD duplication and replication services
      Media Plant - DVD & CD Duplication, Replication and Printing Services in the UK
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   S&J CD Duplication - CD replication, burning, mastering and thermal imaging services.
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Discmakers Online - US Compact Disc Manufacturing
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   CD Man - Compact Disk Manufacturing from Canada
    MediaHeaven - Offering CD duplication & CD printing services to the UK
    Total Media Inc. - specializing in CD-R, DVD-R duplication and replication services
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Online Magazines

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  Keyboard Magazine - US Premiere Keyboard Magazine Online
      Mix Mag - UK's Clubbing Magazine
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Urb Magazine - Future Music Culture
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Future Music - UK Electronica Magazine
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Electronic Musician - Dance Musician's Magazine
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   DJ Times - US DJ Magazine
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Hot Spots Magazine - South Florida's Club Rag
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Billboard Magazine - check out how your singles are ranking!
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Sound on Sound - The UK's Hi-Tech Music Recording Magazine
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Organizations
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Grammy's - Prestigious music awards organization
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Sesac Online - US Royalty Collection Agency
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers - ASCAP
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   BMI Online -  US Royalty Collection Agency
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Dance Music Charts
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   USA Disco and Dance - Comprehensive Dance Music Charts
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Useful Links
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   The US Library of Congress - US Copyright Office (now with electronic filing available)
    Rhyming Dictionary - great for lyric writing!
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Independent Dance & Electronica Record Labels
    Tommy Boy - NY Based Label of Amber amongst others!
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Purple Music Inc. - Swiss Based House Label
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Majik Music - New UK Record Label
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Wave Music - House Based Label out of New York
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Interhit - Defunct EuroDance Import Record Label now Megahit
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Almighty Records - Fun Interactive Site worth catching!
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Hope Recordings - Bristol UK Based Label (Max Graham & Timo Mass)
  Plug In Records - A European Good House Music Record Label based in London and Milan
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Music Retail
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   iTunes - Apples juggernaut digital music store
      Zune Marketplace - Microsofts Music Subscription Site - your entertainment, everywhere
      Koothoomi Records - an independent record label and online record store
      VinylSearcher - Vinyl Records & Dance Music from one of the largest online record stores
      Spotify - all the music all the time
      eMusic - the digital music club for music lovers and artists
      Beatport - downloads for DJs and club music enthusiasts
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Amazon - Good Selection of Indie Dance Music
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Mark's Classics - UK Store specializing in Rare and Deleted Dance on Vinyl
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   DJ Montreal Records - Dance Music Retailer & Dance Charts
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   GEMM: - Amazon meets Ebay
    Future Beat Music - online record store offering quality vinyl grooves in dance music
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Dance Music Radio Stations

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  Pulse Radio - Streaming Dance Music Radio from Sydney Australia
      AOL Radio - offers free dance music stations online
      Urban Latino Radio -  featuring Latin and Latin House streaming music
      Proton Radio - Internet Radio and Music Label
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Dance Music, Artist, DJ & Community Resources
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Groovenation - great site for artist promotion, tools, widgets, distribution and more
      Taxi - Independent A&R Vehicle connecting unsigned artists with major record labels, and publishers!
      Online Music Degree - comprehensive listing of schools offering a degree in Music & practical information on possible careers in the field
      Music Jobs - Music career job opportunities
      Urban Nation -  Latest hip hop music videos. Providing hip hop music videos from the world known hip hop artists
      Psychedelic Trance - Psychedelic music community, featuring psytrance festivals, party info, photos, forums, chat rooms, profiles & more
      BKP Music - leading Dubai Based Music, Audio & Video Production Company with over 9 Sound Studios established across the Middle East
      I Love Music Live - exclusively broadcasts Live Gigs of the hottest and coolest bands within the UK today
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   DMC World - DJ Society Site from 7 & Mixer Magazines
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Earthspike Productions - Dedicated to Promoting Quality Music Online
      Music Forte - Music Directory of Links and Resources
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Getsigned - Downloads and free advice for new artists
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Independent Songwriter - Web magazine for artists
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Just Plain Folks - Networking site for anyone involved with music
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   SonicState - Great Synth Site
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Tastyfresh - The Christ-friendly dance music resource
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Virtual Turntables - scratch simulator
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Experience Music Project - Seattle Based Online Music Museum
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Record Pools
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   NAJM Record Pool Directory
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)   Website Development & Computer Graphics
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) - Technlogy blog, furnished NAJM with our Sugarglider Flash Site!
    Dance Music Fashions
    NAJM Merchandise - T-Shirts and more featuring NAJM inspired designs for men and women
      Karmaloop - Trendy Club Wear online!
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