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Well here it is... a brief look at Winter Music Conference 2000 through the eyes of the NAJM disposable camera. More photos are being developed, so check back for some surprises!
NAJM Music

  DJPJ withThunderpuss' Barry Harris

  DJPJ with "superstar" Michelle Crispin

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Thunderpuss' Chris Cox at Strictly Rhythm's Barroom Party

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Barbra Tucker "Playing With My Mind"

Michelle Crispin with the NAJM Boys!

DJPJ ocean side sporting his Get Jammed T-Shirt!

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Francois K at the Remixer & Producer Panel

Danny Tenaglia at the Remixer & Producer Panel

BT at the Remixer and Producer Panel

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Poolside DJ Spin Off

Poolside Schmoozing Arena

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Poolside Relaxation Radisson Hotel
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Behind the Scenes of Groove Radio's Internet Simulcast Advanced Remix Workshop - Kupper, Hurley & Francois K
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Check out WMC Artists In Action

Check out the 15th Annual International Dance Music Awards Show


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