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NAJM Interviews Robert Miles
Organik Robert Miles with DJPJ
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Robert Miles became a household name around the world in 1996 with the release of "Dreamland". Pioneering a new type of dance music, known as "dream music" Miles struck gold with hits like "Children" and "Fable". Miles is quick to point out that the song "Children" was written as a result of the war-torn former Yugoslavia. It wasn't written with a hit in mind.
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Miles also released the follow-up 23 a.m. in 1997. The album was a critical success for the dreaded sophomore album. Miles is back in 2001 with a newly finished album called "Organik" to be released shortly in North America. Released on Miles' newly formed Salt Records, the album has been signed by Shakti/Virgin. The album, described by many refuses compromise both musically and philosophically, yet pushes the envelope for dance music. Miles recently sat down with NAJM during the Global Media Summit held at the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, Florida.
NAJM: Let me start off Robert by saying that I am a huge fan of yours. I loved "Dreamland" the second I heard it. I bought it the second it went on sale, and I was even happier when I saw that it got picked up as the theme for "Ever After". Tell me a little about the new album that's coming out?
Robert Miles: The new album I would say is very different from "Dreamland". Since I've moved to London, I've started to listen to all different types of music. I try to keep the same kind of emotion that I had in "Dreamland" but with different types of music. On this album there is a lot of live instrumentation. We used a 25-piece orchestra on some tracks, and live percussion. It is a mix between electronic and live instrumentation. I've also opened my own label and we put out the album on my label in Europe.
NAJM: What are some of the differences you experienced between electronica in the studio and working with a live orchestra?
Robert Miles: The good thing about working with a live orchestra is you don't know what to expect and you try to grab all of the emotional moments, which is more difficult with electronic - the human touch. If you play chords on a guitar, it's not the same as if you played the chords on a keyboard. I think it gives a completely different feeling to the music and I'm looking forward to continuing to do these things. Of course, I'm not leaving the electronic side I'm into that as well.
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Life After Dreamland

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NAJM: "Dreamland" was a commercial phenomenon - it hit here big in the States. When you put out 23 a.m. it was released on a major and perhaps didn't do quite as well as "Dreamland" any thoughts on why?
Robert Miles: First of all, I refused to do any promotion. I refused to do promotion because I wasn't happy with the label and the way they wanted to promote the album. Basically, I was under a lot of pressure from the label because they wanted something very commercial sounding - and that's probably why it didn't do well.
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) NAJM: It's been 3 years since 23 a.m. was out and you've since left Arista and you're now out on your own, with the new album. What are your expections for the new album?
Robert Miles: Being a new label - this album is a bit of departure and it completely opposite of what I was doing before. At the moment I get about 200,000 hits on my website per month. I have a pretty big fan base which follows me and is in contact with me. Those are the types of people I like, the ones who understand my direction. If more success comes, that is welcome but I'm not working to make a huge hit record. Big records are always nice, but that's not why I'm working.
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Miles of Touring

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NAJM: Are you planning to do any live dates or are you out on the road now?
Robert Miles: Yes, we are planning to start live concerts as well, probably around September in North America.
NAJM: Is it going to be DJ sets or a band?
Robert Miles: It will be a band with all the people on the record.
NAJM: Being a artist, dance music in particular, how important do you think attitude is?
Robert Miles: It's very important. My attitude is my music. I don't like say things just to make people by my record. If they want my music, they want it because it's good and I don't have to fake people.
NAJM: What is next for Robert Miles after the initial promtion push, the upcoming tour in September?
Robert Miles: I'd like to start scoring movies. The new album is very much soundtrack oriented and I think it might open some doors for me in the movie business.
NAJM: We wish you all the best. Thanks for chatting with us!
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Check out Robert Miles website at

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