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10 Questions with Jon Marz BPM Culture/DJ Mixed interview
(Courtesy of Media Services Syndicated Press)

Blank & Jones Invade The Big Apple

NAJM Dance Culture
The German techno superstars recently visited NY for a Depeche Mode concert and did a string of publicity for their new album "DJ CULTURE" and single "The NightFly". Jon Marz caught up with the duo en route to Madison Square Garden for the concert on what could have been a classic episode of HBO's Taxi-Cab Confessions...


Jon Marz: Not many people know you guys in the U.S. and you are coming in at the right time to what America calls the progressive trance dance scene. Are you just experimenting or is this a long haul thing?
B&J: That's why we are here, to try to give America an idea about the Blank and Jones sound. We will definitely invest a lot of time in it , because we already have had so many great reactions via our home page  from North-America. It was time to come over.
Jon Marz: How do you go about the A&R process? How do you decide what musical directions to take?
B&J: We just finished the work on our third artist album, "Nightclubbing" on which we tried to take the sounds to next level by incorporating not only traditional trance sounds and keeping the drums current with the music that's released today, but by adding quite a few more surprising elements. But that's all we'll say for now. make a left here....(talking to cab driver) a left....a left...
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Turn Left!

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Mustafa (cab driver shouting angrily): I MAKE LEFT!!! YOU SEE I MAKE LEFT!!!!
Jon Marz: OK then.... In the U.S. just like your album... it's a DJ culture and not many labels get that. Coming from across where it's top of the pops even for dance artists, what are some of things you look for in how a label markets your album?
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) B&J: You as an artist want to stay true to yourself and maintain your's also possible to go top of the pops with this style in the U.S. as well if you can keep that advantage and not look or sound like every other artist.
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What About Paul Oakenfold?

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Jon Marz: Is Paul Oakenfold who's taking it to the next level representative of what goes on in Europe?
B&J: He represents what's going in the UK, not Europe......there is such a big variety of dance music around the world..........did he just pass the Garden???
Mustafa (cab driver shouting angrily): I GO AROUND!!! YOU SEE I MAKE LEFT!!!!
B&J: He's trying to juice the meter....???
  Jon Marz: (jumps in )..Don't worry about it....cabbies....they're all a little nuts..... In the U.S. at first we had breakthroughs by BT, Paul Van Dyk, then Timo Maas, now it's ATB, Mauro Piccoto and Darude knocking on our shores.....besides yourselves, who do you guys see coming strong?  
B&J: U can't really predict it, and that's what so great about it...

Analogue Vs. Digital?

Jon Marz: What's better? Analog or Digital?
B&J: Analog is better for dj-ing (vinyl),but in the studio we prefer digital equipment.
Jon Marz: So who's idea was it to fly to NY to catch Depeche Mode?
B&J: Piet had the idea, as a birthday present for Jaspa, because we are great DM fans!
Jon Marz: Are they a motivation and influence on your music?
B&J: They are an influence, because we grew up with their music.
  Jon Marz: So What's next besides trying to get to this concert on time?? Tell us about some new releases?  
  B&J: In early September we will release Trance Mix USA, which will be our first worldwide Mix compilation ever. After that we will work on the recording and release of our next full length artist album "Nightclubbing" in the USA  
Jon Marz: Give us 2 things about you no one knows?
  B&J: Piet lived in New York back in 1993 and Jaspa is considered the originator of EBM (Electronic Body Music)  
Mustafa (cab driver shouting angrily): OK...WE ARE HERE!!! ....YOU OWE ME $15.50...CASH ONLY!

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